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Romain Carpentier
Founder of findmassleads | On a mission to help your business grow with data

Every business runs on technology.

What web technologies / Saas / tools does your ideal customer use?

A e-commerce owner who uses Shopify is not the same as the one who uses Magento.

A Magento user is not the same as the one who uses Magento, plus an expensive analytics tool like Comscore and spends more than one thousand dollars in web technologies overall each month.

The latter may be a good fit for your product or service...

Who do you want to target?

What findmassleads can do for you:

Get lists of websites among + web technologies / Saas / tools. We add more all the time. You can also search for websites that use tech1 AND tech2. Refine your search to get the best leads.

Rapidly identify 1000s of hot leads from their Language, Tech Stack, Ranking and estimated Monthly Tech Spent. You get Emails, Phone Numbers, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram...

You get fresh data from all over the web. No more than 2 months old.

Download your leads as a CSV file. If you need a specific integration, feel free to contact us.

When you start your free trial, you get cold outreach experience from the trenches, a Practical 16-Step Cold Email Checklist and the 7-step methodology to help you find good prospects fast.

You are in good company. We serve several hundreds of customers with a few targeted software solutions.


In business, I really believe we have to be a trustworthy and benevolent adviser for our clients for life.

Yes! For life.

This is how we see it: long term.

Here at findmassleads, we do not work on urgent things. We work on important things.

No shiny word. No bling bling. No enterprise jargon.

You are a committed entrepreneur? With ambition and integrity?
We are committed to providing you with useful data. Data which can really help you generate more business sustainably.

Real Engagement!

Romain Carpentier, founder of findmassleads

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