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Romain Carpentier
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Free lists you can use to discover interesting leads for your business:

But you can do much more on the dashboard!

Quickly find leads that use tech X AND tech Y (this lets you discover hot leads open to new solutions).

Also search by ranking and tech spent... Go where the money is.

Get a ton of targeted emails and LinkedIn profiles.

Just enter your email address above and find leads who are ready to buy what you offer now:

What findmassleads can do for you:

Get lists of websites among + historical and recent technologies. We add more all the time. You can also search for websites that use tech1 AND tech2. Refine your search to get the best leads.

Rapidly identify 1000s of hot leads from their Language, Tech Stack, Ranking and estimated Monthly Tech Spent. You get Emails, Phone Numbers, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram...

You get fresh data from all over the web. No more than 2 months old.

Download your leads as a CSV file. If you need a specific integration, feel free to contact us.

When you start your free trial, you get cold outreach experience from the trenches, a Practical 16-Step Cold Email Checklist and the 7-step methodology to help you find good prospects fast.

You are in good company. We serve several hundreds of customers with a few targeted software solutions.

How can lists of websites could get YOU more $$$?

It's not only domain names lists. You also get the emails, the LinkedIn profiles (if we detect it), the YouTube channel, and so on...

Maybe you are wondering "How could websites lists be USEFUL to me and my business?". That's a good question. I'm gonna give you an answer with a story...

It is October 2017. A cloudy day, as usual here in Rennes, France...

I am grinding at the office.

Grinding? Yeah. Me and my team are launching a new SAAS... It's called PageLife and it helps online businesses generate more social proof using past orders and subscriptions.

So I start making a list of potential JV partners. I mean a list of influencers in the infoproduct and ecommerce industry. This is the first customer acquisition strategy!

Is it something you do too? (by the way, if you're just starting, I think it's a great thing to launch quickly! You just have to offer something of value to influencers, for example a free sample of your product or service).

So I type keywords specific to my market - like "infoproduct training" and "ecommerce course" - on YouTube and Google mainly.

After about 2 hours, I get about 30 first names and emails. Or only a YouTube channel sometimes. Then I send them a personnalized message, one by one.

PROBLEM: 30 messages is good, and I got about 10 replies (which is really good!). And finally a few join ventures too. But how to get MORE? Even if it's smaller influencers who have 10K subscribers on YouTube for example? Or a blog with 100 ultra targeted visits a day in my niche? I want them all!

Sure, I found good JV partners searching by hand...

But I could not find them quickly! And it requires A LOT of my time. But maybe the biggest problem is that I didn't have a SYSTEM that automatically generates contacts for the business...

With the right tool, I could have found 1000 influencers contacts!

For example, what if you could have a system able to discover 50 interesting contacts a day, EVERY DAY? ALL THE TIME? A system able to get fresh rising influencers in the field willing to promote your product or service?

That's the part of the puzzle I missed. Having a system in place. That does the work FOR YOU.

I was really tired of sending cold messages every day by hand using my scary Google Sheet. It was too slow. And I was just delaying the task every day more and more...

But wait, there's more...

We are on December 25th 2017. Christmas time. Family time... Yes this is what it's supposed to be...

But I have to reach my goal: send 50 emails a day to potential customers. Otherwise the business is not going to stay afloat... And that perspective gives me stomach pain.

It's HORRIBLE. I have to spend time finding online stores (emails or Facebook), personnalizing the cold message a bit, sending it and updating the sheet... Instead of enjoying not-so-frequent family time in the room next to me...

I even left some messages on Intercom chats...
... and it works!

More on how to automate your cold outreach below...

Again, I did not understand that... it was not the best use of my time! And maybe it is the case for you too.

(you can read the end of the story on the dashboard. Simply enter your email on top to start your free trial now.)

Stay with me because I'm going to tell you the harsh lesson I had to learn. Do you want to know what the point of this story is?

The point is:

While smart companies leverage BIG DATA to get a steady flow of new customers, others do it by hand and struggle...

And maybe you are one of the latter, like I was.

Let me tell you this: if you keep doing it, you won't be able to break the glass ceiling.

Your revenue will hit a plateau soon because it's too time consuming to find, filter and prepare new contacts by hand. And willpower consuming too!

Either YOU HAVE the data. Either you don't.

It costs between 25 000 and 50 000$ a year to hire a sales rep to set appointments through emails. But using findmassleads to feed an autoresponder, you can put your outreach on autopilot!

For each of your acquisition channel, you have to rely on a system as much as possible. On a machine you feed with data that does most of the grunt work for you.

What if you could have a cold outreach machine that generates contacts with good leads, for you, automatically?

And then focus your effort and energy on making the sale happen? On closing the deal?

What if you could get a steady torrent of targeted contacts in your business EVERY DAY?

Imagine, you have a system in place. It runs by itself:

  • ✔ You feed it once in a while with thousands of good contacts and as personnalized as possible messages,
  • ✔ It sends messages by itself to engage the conversation with potential customers (more on this below),
  • ✔ It predictively generates X sales per day or month, depending on your goal, your conversion rate and sales cycle.
  • ✔ It runs every SINGLE day with little maintenance for months!

How do you feel when you have such a system in place? More peace of mind? More time to spend on things that matter?

Where would you spend your time on?

Now you may be wondering: "How could I USE all that data to generate sales, or at least start conversations with potential customers?"...

That's a good question. Let's talk about practical solutions you can setup right now:

How to use findmassleads data to generate sales?

With findmassleads, you can have a steady torrent of new conversations with potential customers all the time.

What can findmassleads do for you?

You type a technology name. Like "Shopify" for example. Then findmassleads finds you thousands of websites built with Shopify. As well as all their contact information.

That's not all. But it's the simplest way of using findmassleads.

1 - So here is a first question you can ask yourself: what tools does my ideal customer use on his website?

It can be a single non-mainstream tool that's typical of your niche... Like a special Wordpress theme. A translation tool like Weglot. A urgency marketing tool like Deadline Funnel. An ad network like Carbon Ads. An analytics tool like Mouse Flow.

2 - A second question you can ask yourself to find good leads is: In my INDUSTRY or NICHE, what tools do my customers typically use on their websites?

  • ✔ Ecommerce owners obvioulsy use Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce...
  • ✔ Enterprises may use Drift or Zendesk.
  • ✔ People who sell infoproducts may use ClickFunnels, Kartra or Podia, LearnyBox or in francophone countries, Hotmart in Brasil...
  • ✔ People who make money with affiliation may use Clickbank or CJ Affiliate.
  • ✔ Lawyers who have a website may use the Lawyer Zone WordPress theme...
  • ✔ Do you target modern market place builders? You can target Sharetribe users... and so on...

>> To go further, click on the top right button to start a free trial.
You also get our simple 7-step methodology to help you find thousands of good prospects in a few minutes.

Now let's say you've discovered 1500 good leads using findmassleads (see plans below).
What to do next?

Of course you can send cold emails.

50 per day for example. Over a whole month.

And it works really well!

Be cautious though. Never use your own domain name, do not send from any free account, SPF, DKIM, remove info@, contact@... emails, check your deliverability, have a good copywriting... Be DEAD SERIOUS about all this. Really. More on this in the dashboard: just enter your email on top to start your free trial now.
You get cold emailing experience from the trenches, a Practical 16-Step Cold Email Checklist as well as links to tools to improve your reply rate.)

Also here is a bunch of automations you can setup to generate conversations (and customers!) quickly:

✔ To automate cold emailing efficiently, use Quickmail, lemlist, Woodpecker, Mailshake,, or Yesware for example.

✔ You can use an email list found on findmassleads to retarget people with Facebook Ads (if you didn't know, Facebook lets you upload a CSV file of email addresses and then show them your ad).

✔ Here is a totally new way to reach your prospects. First, find thousands of Intercom domain names using findmassleads. Then, you can leave a message on their Intercom chat with Intercom Message Sender from Phantom Buster.

✔ Find a relevant list of emails using findmassleads. Then, automatically find the LinkedIn profiles from the email list using Email To LinkedIn Profile URL Finder (Phantom Buster again).

✔ Find a relevant list of Twitter profiles using findmassleads. Then, automatically send Direct Messages on Twitter and massively reach your followers (yes, they have to be followers first). You can do that using Twitter Message Sender (Phantom Buster).

✔ You may use this other ninja tactic: automatically comment on YouTube or Instagram. This is where the attention is. You can do that using a tool like Automarketer Pro. Depending on your product or service, it might be an effective tactic.

Now are you ready to speed up your lead generation?

Are you ready to have dozens of conversations with b2b prospective clients started all the time?

Just click the trial button and start today!

What they say about our products

Luca Sadurny

“PageLife allowed us to increase our conversion rate by easily showing more social proof on all our sales pages.
The tool is very flexible and easy to use and the creator is really helpful and always ready to help!”

Olivier Seban, Real Estate Expert

“PageLife is a really good product I use on my site.”

Raphaël Carteni, Millionnaire Club

“PageLife allowed me to boost conversions on my different sales funnels by reassuring visitors with social proof. An important tool for an online business to tell their visitors they're not the first to take action... No one wants to be the first and serve as a guinea pig!”

Raphaël Homat, Mental preparation,

“I'm really happy with it [...], it simply reassures people about what I have to offer.”

Al Cukovic, Nutrition Coach

“On an order form or a squeeze page, details make the difference. Thank you Romain to help us increase our conversions.”

Olivier Clémence, Simple, efficient and operational Prestashop modules,

“There really is a trust effect! I do make more sales with PageLife.”

Maxence Rigottier Successful online entrepreneur since 2010
Alexandre,, student online help

“PageLife adds credibility to my website very quickly!
Visitors feel that other people subscribe, so they're enticed to take action themselves.”

Matthieu Copywriter -

“PageLife increases trust and a simple "copy&paste" is enough to have it setup on your website.”

Pierre,, Wellness Coach

“Improve trust!”


“+ 5 to 10% on my conversion rate!”

Emilio Abril, YouTube EMILIOABRIL

“PageLife is an interesting tool because it allows you to add social proof on your optin or sales pages, and is also very simple to use, unlike many plugins that require hours of tuning.
For me PageLife is a tool that perfectly follows the Pareto principle: a minimal investment for good results. I recommand to any online business owner who wants to easily reinforce social proof on the sales pages.”

How much to invest?

findmassleads helps you find contacts.

Depending on your cadence and goals, here is the additional revenue you could make using cold outreach fed by findmassleads data:

Cold messages sent per day Conversion rate Your product price Monthly Revenue
20 0.1% 100$ 60$
20 2% 100$ 1200$
50 0.1% 100$ 150$
50 2% 100$ 3000$
20 0.1% 1000$ 600$
20 2% 1000$ 12 000$
50 0.1% 1000$ 1500$
50 2% 1000$ 30 000$

In most cases, you more than 10X your investment! Choose the plan that best fits your needs below:

Click here to get 4 months free with yearly plan!

findmassleads pricing

Just ONE list?

No problem!

Simply choose the PRO plan, download 15 000 leads and cancel after one month.

There's no commitment 😌!

60$ / month
15 000 lead credits
Up to 100 000 domains scanned
Fresh data, no more than 2 months old
Find lists of websites that use tech1 AND tech2 (and tech3...)
Bulk lookup: domain/URL to emails
Business emails detector
Export your leads as CSV
130$ / month
50 000 lead credits
Up to 1 000 000 domains scanned
AI powered "look alike" lead generation (soon)
We setup your CRM for free (if you choose the yearly plan)
4$/1k for 0–15k req.
3$/1k for 15k–50k req.
2.6$/1k for 50k+ req.
Please contact us
Easy to setup! See documentation (soon)
AI powered "look alike" lead generation (soon)
Domain lookup: tech stack, tech spent, ranking, language, social media links, emails
We setup your CRM for free (please contact us)

100% Secure
We use Stripe

That's not all.
You are covered by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

100% refund for 30 days – we just ask you send us at least 1 screen capture that shows you have contacted some leads using the advice you get in the dashboard.

To prove our confidence in the product we provide and its value to you, we are offering a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

All you have to do is to send us an email at within 30 days from the purchase date, with at least one screen capture of your CRM, Gmail, any emailing tool, or LinkedIn inmail... that proves you've sent messages following the guidelines you receive in the dashboard to the leads you got from findmassleads and we will refund you the full amount of purchase.

You don't have to tell us why you want a refund, but we'll be grateful if you let us know, as it will help us better understand your needs and expectations.

We know that this type of guarantee is rare, particularly for a data product. But I really believe findmassleads can help you grow your revenue. Here at findmassleads, we use it ourselves to feed our cold outreach!

Above all, as the founder, I want YOU to succeed in the long run. We are in a world where the pace of change is so rapid. As science and technology progress, there is so much opportunity... And, at the same time, it's sad but I believe many people won't be able to keep up that pace... I really believe in that. Yet I wish that any human being on earth had control of his life. And time...

I want you to succeed. Please keep me up to date. Send me a personal message when you have success with findmassleads.


You have a question about findmassleads? How to use it in your case? Can it work for you? Please send us an email at

What's a lead credit? How can I use them?

1 lead credit = 1 domain + all the contacts. For example, a lead search that results in 50 domains using "Shopify" is 50 lead credits. Also, a single domain lookup is 1 lead credit.

And no worries, a lead is counted only once. No more credit is deducted if you get the same leads multiple times. Or if you make the same domain lookup multiple times.

Each month your credit count is reset according to the plan you have chosen. Please also note that credits do not accumulate over months.

What is the domains scanned limit?

A very specific search (like "Find 200 spanish websites using Stripe with email adresses that contain a first name") necessitates the search engine to scan thousands of domain data.

The more specific your lead search is, the more domains we have to scan to find you leads.

So, in order to maintain a good server availability, there is a monthly limit (a large limit!) in the number of domains we scan to satisfy your requests.

Do I have to subscribe to a yearly plan?

No, there are monthly plans too. You can choose between yearly and monthly using the switch.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time from the dashboard.


In business, I really believe we have to be a trustworthy and benevolent adviser for our clients for life.

Yes! For life.

This is how we see it: long term.

Here at findmassleads, we do not work on urgent things. We work on important things.

No shiny word. No bling bling. No enterprise jargon.

You are a committed entrepreneur? With ambition and integrity?
We are committed to providing you with useful data. Data which can really help you generate more business sustainably.

Real Engagement!

Romain Carpentier, founder of findmassleads

Generate more sales with findmassleads!

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