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Romain Carpentier - founder findmassleads
“On a mission to help YOUR business grow with data!”

Updated September 20th 2023 - read in 5 min

The new crawl is now available!

Yes. Now you can get access to HUNDREDS of thousands of B2B email adresses...

Not only potential customers' emails...
But also the technologies they're using on their websites!

By the way, a findmassleads customer has just downloaded 364,832 leads...

You may know BuiltWith, Wappalyzer and a few other companies in that space already.

The data you have here is INCREDIBLY valuable. And it's been so for more than a decade now. This kind of data is called “technographics”, it's used by big brands like Marketo or kissmetrics.

But do you KNOW how to make money from it?

You have to play it smart... And, of course, it's completely legal. ALL the big companies use it to grow!

I'm going to show you a few examples below. Stay with me. Some of which we're running ourselves right now!

If you play it smart, you can absolutely setup a machine that brings conversations with potential customers all day long.

Without doing hours of prospecting!

Yes, it's completely doable!

On this page, you are going to learn a simple SYSTEM that creates conversations with good potential customers all the time!

And don't worry, it is actually very quick to implement...

But before that, let me ask you...

Why is it SO HARD to find clients as a freelancer, Web agency or small business owner? Even harder on freelancing sites?

Yes. It can sometimes feel overwhelming to find new customers as a small business owner...

It would be so nice to be able to focus solely on YOUR CRAFT, right?

Not having to spend time and energy finding new clients.

If you're a freelancer, maybe you don't have a good portfolio yet...

An authority blog. A high profile on LinkedIn. A five-star profile on Upwork...

If you're a agency, maybe you don't have lots of testimonials to show yet...

Or you are struggling to find customers in "red seas" like Fiverr...

Sometimes you're wondering if you are on the right path. Will you still feel excited about the business five years from now?

You wish you could focus solely on what you love doing. Whether it's design, code, SEO, building websites, funnels, marketing, e-commerce, coaching...

Because this was the BIG WHY you chose to go that path in the first place.

Because you know you can earn GOOD MONEY there.

You'd like to have a handful of nice customers - nice people - you do business with sustainably.

Yes I feel you because I was in that place a few years ago.

That's exactly why I built findmassleads by the way... It helped me sell my first software.

And I know it might help you find new customers as well...

... in the current competitive world where finding a new customer COSTS YOU A LOT OF MONEY!

Whether it's time spent replying to job posts on Upwork, adding people on LinkedIn, writing content, posting on social medias...
Or the money you might be spending on ads...
Or outsourcing lead generation to a prospecting company...

The goal of findmassleads is to provide leads IN BULK to small business owners, freelancers and agencies like you.

This is the first block of the The TIC STRATEGY EVERY small business in the world should have in place.

A system YOU control. Not Facebook. Not LinkedIn. Not Upwork.

An inexpensive system.

A system that saves you time! Because it's mostly automated.

So... What is findmassleads at the end of the day?

Simply put, findmassleads is the data. You get thousands of companies' email addresses. This is a big block.

Then you need an offer. An irresistible offer.

And finally, plug in an outreach tool like Mailshake or lemlist to automate your campaign.

Let's see how it works:

The weird little system that EVERY small business HATES...
... while all serious companies make MILLIONS with it...

Actually you can use it too... And even get started today!

What if you could get a flow of new questions from potential customers every day?

What if you had a simple system that does A LOT OF the work for you?

Without prospecting all day long.
Without posting on social media.
Without replying to jobs on platforms like Upwork or Fiverr.
Without paid ads.
Without hiring an expensive "black box" lead gen company.

What if you could stand out from the sea of freelancers / businesses / agencies / startups that do similar things?

What if you could actually BE WHERE THEY ARE NOT?

See how I'm currently sending dozens of emails a day!

There IS a secret I want to share with you on how to increase your reply rate on a PURE COLD email approach. I'm going to give you that secret in a moment. Stay with me.

Because, yes, the system I'm about to show you is about sending simple but deadly effective emails to companies that could be a great fit for your product or service...

But first, why should you trust me and my team at all?

Why findmassleads?

At the beginning it was for myself!

Three years ago, me and my team are launching a new software...

It's called PageLife and it helps online businesses generate more social proof using past orders and subscriptions.

After days of pure prospecting, I wonder how I could build an automation that gets me emails of my ideal avatar company.

Indeed, I know my customer is a small entrepreneur starting a new online business, whether to sell a course or an e-commerce store.

Not only that! I know those guys are looking for ways to boost their conversion rates on their sales pages.

Also, they use technology like ClickFunnels or any other funnel builder or landing page builder.

So yes! Now I've got a nice idea on how to FIND them IN BULK! And not manually anymore...

I just have to find lists of websites using ClickFunnels. And lists of websites using other funnel builders.

Then what?

There is one mistake I learned not to make again in sales...

And that is:

What's the NUMBER ONE mistake 90% of businesses make when they look for a new customer?
Chances are you make it too...

Very simple. When you reach out to a potential customer, don't send a message like:

The number one mistake in cold outreach. You immediately stand out from the crowd if you don't do that:

Are you interested in SEO?

Here is our area of expertise:

We are the leader of SEO in [REGION].
We are passionate about what we do.
We will do 10,000 backlinks for $100.

Please contact us.


Do you see the problem here?

It's ME focused!

Let's be very clear: the guys who send that *$#*! message WILL NEVER get ANY customer that way in the modern business world. Even if they send to 100,000 businesses! Why? Because they'll fall into spam before reaching that number...

I know it sounds harsh. But that's true! I was guilty of that. Maybe you are too.

But here is the lesson to take from it:

You want to CARE about your prospective customer!

Be interested in what they do. Really.

Why? To get a reply! That's all you should care about at this step.

So, do this INSTEAD.

You have SO MUCH of a competitive edge if you do this:

A simple message that delivers conversations with new customers right into your inbox:

Subject: question

How about if I try to bring you customers over the next seven days, completely offered?

My name is [YOUR NAME], and as I've helped a company exactly like yours boost their average visit duration and they got 150% more sales during the launch.
Your sales page 'Meditation Course'[NAME OF THEIR SALES PAGE] is actually very convincing and I'd like to help you improve your conversion rate.

Here's what I can do for you if you're interested: I rework your [DESIGN/SALES PAGE COPY/EMAIL MARKETING...] and that's completely offered.

If it works, you may be interested in our professional services then.

Would you be interested?


This is just an example!

Whether you sell design, code, SEO, building websites, funnels, marketing, e-commerce, coaching... etc, note these simples steps to write your cold emails:

You have such an edge over competition if you send a message like this! And you feel much more comfortable sending messages like this to people, than "spammy" generic messages, right?

Again, this is just an example. Try to do better than this! I suggest you personalize even more.

I really want to get you started, so let me add a completely different angle that you can test:

Subject: Quick question
Hey, I like what you do at [COMPANY NAME].

Do you mind if I send you a quick personalized video on how we can help you?


If you get a reply, THEN you record a video about them. Use Loom for example.

Again, provide suggestions aligned with what THEY want. It's usually profit.
And talk about your irresistible offer and a simple way to continue the conversation (email or phone).

If you apply this, you will have results.

This message landed me a first $240/month customer in less than two weeks. Very simple, isn't it? We did some prospecting for him.

I hope you are excited and that you want to get started right now :)!

And, by the way, you can use this approach on LinkedIn too... Or anywhere else! In findmassleads, you can download the social accounts too: LinkedIn profiles, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram accounts...

So, let's recap very quickly:


Yes. That's it. A simple strategy that delivers conversations with new customers right into your inbox every day.

This is the TIC strategy: Target the right leads. Reach out to them with an Irresistible offer. And Conquer the world!

Of course, not everybody will reply to your emails.

Maybe you get one reply every one hundred emails sent. Don't worry.

Why? Because this is a COLD approach. You cannot expect a high reply rate. And you know what? That's completely okay.

That's not a problem because you have access to MILLIONS of emails in findmassleads.

And your cold outreach tool will send the emails automatically FOR YOU! Whether it's Mailshake, lemlist, Quickmail...

You don't have to spend hours doing that.

Again, one, you select, download and verify (*) your ideal leads. Second you prepare a message and create a campaign in you favourite cold outreach tool!

Is that really it?

Is findmassleads the magic wand you need to sell more?

Well, I have to admit...

This isn't magic. As I said, you've got to:

So. In your cold outreach tool, you setup a campaign: all you need to get started is the list of email addresses and an email message. Subject and body.

Because, yes, data alone is not the solution. I have to admit it.

In fact:

You have to actually make use of the massive data you get from findmassleads!

So many people buy tools...

... and they end up not using it. What a waste. It happens to me too!

But, if you actually follow the simple method you've just read, you're already ahead of the game. In the top 80% I would say.

Now YOU are able to introduce your work to let's say fifty companies a day. It's significant. It doesn't cost much money. It doesn't cost you much time either.

Whereas a freelancer or agency without such a system either reaches out to five or ten people a day only. With no better conversion rate than you. But wasting many hours doing it. Or they have to hire a marketer which costs a lot of money.

René Pfitzner - CEO of

“We used findmassleads as a research tool to find websites that use technologies of interest to our business. The database is super extensive, the support excellent, and we got a lot of value for our subscription.”

Your AUTOMATED sales rep for only fifty dollars a month:

Are you in a freelancer, a small business owner, a Web agency or a new startup?

Would you like to have access to BIG DATA that will feed your low-maintenance Automated Sales System?

Here is what you get when you subscribe to findmassleads now:

Really! If you use this framework, you get results in less than a week or two.

Here's how the leads finder looks like from the inside.

Think about it. findmassleads helps you find contacts...

Depending on your cadence and goals, here is the additional revenue you could make using cold outreach fed by findmassleads data:

Cold messages sent per day Conversion rate Your product price Monthly Revenue
20 0.1% $100 $60
20 2% $100 $1,200
50 0.1% $100 $150
50 2% $100 $3,000
20 0.1% $1,000 $600
20 2% $1,000 $12,000
50 0.1% $1,000 $1,500
50 2% $1,000 $30,000

In most cases, you more than 10X your investment!

Are you ready to get started now? Would you like to setup your Automated Sales Rep today?

Choose a plan at the top of the page


You have a question about findmassleads? How to use it in your case? Can it work for you? Please send us an email at

Are the emails verified? (*)

Because we find the emails on websites, they are usually legitimate addresses. But we do not verify the tens of millions email addresses we have in the database.

This is why we strongly suggest you use a professionnal and unexpensive tool that verifies your email addresses. Like UseBouncer, NeverBounce... We use UseBouncer. It's about $5 to $10 a month for us.

What does "email verification" mean?

Some email addresses may be unused, full inbox, spam traps, with typos... And if you send emails to them, Gmail or other email providers may consider it's spam.

So use a service like UseBouncer to verify your emails (we're not affiliate).
It's literally a one-click operation and it's about $3 A MONTH if you send fifty emails a day!

It's as simple as a drag&drop operation: drag&drop your findmassleads CSV file and get a clean verified CSV file that you can import into your favourite cold outreach email tool.

Can you add technologies?

Yes, we can add technologies, apps, tools, software you'd like to track. Please note that it takes several weeks before having it available in the dashboard. We do our best but crawling the web is a long operation as you probably guess.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription any time. Please contact us at